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El Otro

El Otro

  • Dans
  • Muziek
  • zondag 6 juli 2014 · tuin

From the dutch music and dance underground arises El Otro, the duo of dancer Manuela Tessi and guitar player Arvind Ganga. Two individuals mix the mood of the space and the energy of the audience with their own temperament and intensity and express that through improvised music and dance. A journey to their inner souths, where the sun is blistering hot and the loins call the shots, transforming a dusty sleepy town into a desperado inferno in a matter of seconds. They love to be in between and close to the public, breaking the wall between audience and performer.

Arvind uses guitar, effects and objects to create free improvised sounds, warm, haunting and noisy, compared by some to road movie soundtracks. He plays solo, and collaborates with other improvisers and modern dancers.

Manuela is an Italian freelance dancer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. She works in several interdisciplinary projects which strong core is the relationship between dance and live music.

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